GRENLEC’S pilot project for LED Street Lighting in Grenada

Learn more about GRENLEC’S pilot project for LED Street Lighting in Grenada.

Friday, 8 May from 6:30–9:00pm, Camerhogne Park, Grand Anse, St. George’s.

Listen to the sweet sounds of Angel Harps.

Complete a survey of demonstration LED lights and win a prize.


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Angel Harps Tribute

I am very happy that I made the decision to come home for such a momentous occasion. Being on “The Rock” always give me a wonderful feeling but, for such an occasion I will never forget.

Fifty years is a lifetime in many ways. “Happy 50th Anniversary Harps!” You have survived many challenges. Through your tenacity and resilience you have forged a path for many to admire and few to accomplish. You have set the bar at a level that only the highly disciplined may aspire to attain.

Lots of thought, effort and coordination were exhibited in your week long celebrations. Hats off for a job well done! You opened with a Sunday morning church service indicative of your trust in the almighty. ( You acknowledge that you could not survive 50 years without his grace and guidance. The message was delivered by an individual (the priest) that had a first hand knowledge of what you stood for and who you are because, he is a part of your history. Your theme “Brighter Out of Darkness” denotes and tell a story of a steel orchestra and it’s people.) And, you closed with a stunning display of the many talents the harps have been blessed with over 50 years of continuous existence. Oh! what a performance.

Now that we have passed a glorious mile stone let us continue to strive for excellence through the next fifty years. He who does not write and tell his story (history) allows another to do so, which may not be favorable to him/her. Continue to set goals and strive with a vision for, “where there is no vision the people perish.”

Thank you for your recognition for being a small part of what Angel Harps has become. Keep up the good work! I am very proud to let everyone know what we have on that little piece of rock we call Grenada. “Harps yesterday! Harps Today! Harps forever!”

Ronald Mitchie Bain

Past arranger (1969-1970)

Angel Harps Steel Orchestra

Grenada “The Rock”

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Anniversary Concert – Sunday 19th April 2015

Anniversary Concert – Grenada Trade Centre – 5:00pm – Adm: $30.00
This will be a musical treat. Angel Harps and friends achieving musical excellence
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Blue Steel Cruise – Friday 17th April 2015


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Real Steel Street Parade – Sunday April 12th 2015


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Angel Harps 50th Anniversary Activities (12th -19th April 2015)


Sunday 12th – Church Service/Brunch – 7:30am St. George’s Anglican Church

Sunday 12th – Real Steel Street Parade – 5:30pm Carenage & Port Highway

Monday 13th – Panel Discussion Night (History of Pan in Grenada) – 8:00pm G.B.S.S. Auditorium

Tuesday 14th – Pan Exhibition – 5:00pm Pan House

Wednesday 15th – Pan Yard Lime

Thursday 16th – Pan Yard Lime

Friday 17th – Rhum Runner Cruise (Blue Steel) – Boarding Time 8:00pm  Tickets: $40.00

Saturday 18th – Cocktail & Awards Ceremony – 7:00pm G.B.S.S. Auditorium

Sunday 19th – Grand Concert at the Grenada Trade Centre – 5:00pm

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Republic Bank Angel Harps receives $35,000 to assist with Panorama

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. – The countdown to “Pantastic Saturday” (August 09, 2014) is on. Republic Bank continues to support the Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra for the 32nd consecutive year.

On July 18, 2014, the Bank made a contribution of $35,000.00 to the Band, to assist with preparations for the 2014 panorama season. Band member, Bernard Ross received the cheque on behalf of the Band. According to him, preparations for the 2014 panorama season are well underway, with rehearsals in full swing.

The Band is confident of capturing the coveted title for a fourteenth time.

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